Sunday turned out to be a day with nonstop entertainment! As staff prepared for the grand outdoor play, campers enjoyed a great day of activities and water sports.  After learning classes all sections of camp filed into the shul filling al the bleachers for an amazing Hypnosis show by “Buzz” the entertainer. With silence in the room they watched as the volunteers were slowly relaxed and entertained the crowd with their unknown talents. Following the show, a delicious dinner of burgers and potatoes was enjoyed, and then everyone headed out side for the outdoor play.

Under a starry sky, campers enjoyed the staff and head staff illustrate the incredible story of Reb Mendel Futerfas unfold in front of them. The long entertaining production took campers back to the prisons of the KBG in communist Russia, and eventually to freedom. Campers headed to their bunks reviewing and discussing the events of the incredible day behind them!

After another great Shabbos with lots of singing, mishnyao bal peh, tehillim and farbrenging, there was lots of excitement here in camp last night.

Section A was treated to a special ice cream late night. Campers enjoyed piling up their ice cream and toppings with a extraordinary enjoyable program.

Section C had special pizza event beautifully set up by their staff, including a special program.

The building started last night as our staff were hard at work in preparation for our annual outdoor staff play!  Campers woke up this morning to view the beautiful structures and props built across the entire kick ball field. Excitement is in the air as all departments anticipate the special production which will surely prove to be an incredible success iyh.


Section C were up bright and early in preparation for a full day trip to six-flags-La-Ronde-amusement-park! Once again, the trip proved to be a great success, as the campers and staff enjoyed the amazing rides the park has to offer, as well enjoying their time together in Great Spirit!

Section B+ had a special dance night last night, prepared for them by their devoted staff. A special drink buffet was prepared for them as they danced the night away – in achdus!  Another amazing event!

This morning, our hardworking staff are off to the neighboring resort of Mont Tremblant for a little time out – to relax and enjoy. Shifts were arranged – as they alternated responsibility here in camp.

Looking forward to another amazing Shabbos (Mevorchim) here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Good Shabbos !!!

After a day of sports, activities and learning classes, campers lined up in front of our 770 building for a special Chof Av Rally lead by the learning directors. After hearing stories about Reb Levik and reciting the 12 pesukim, a Minyan for Mincha was held.

Following a delicious chicken dinner, all divisions of camp filled the bleachers in the shul for our annual camp concert. The spirit and excitement were amazing! Shlomo Simcha sang as Fitche Bensimon played, while campers and staff danced, and sang along with Great Spirit.

Following the concert, section C was treated to a special Hatomim event. All campers who’ve accumulated enough points, by following the routine guideline, joined this event.  The zal was fully decorated by the hardworking staff, and the campers enjoyed an amazing program at their special Shnitzel night!   

Section C is heavily involved in bunk war! Campers were building, painting, practicing and preparing for the three grand plays which took place last night. Today, after another day of the war, they are gearing up to the climax with their grand sing tonight iyh.

Yesterday afternoon Section A (grades 3 & 4) left camp before lunch, and headed to the old port of Montreal – for an amazing speed boating trip, followed by a picnic lunch. Section B (grade 5) headed out to a trip of paintball shooting. All sections met at the overnight sight for another amazing (dry) overnight at the camp site. They enjoyed the delicious barbecued hot dogs and roasted marshmallows as they sat around the fire in song!  This morning after shacharis and breakfast sections A and B headed back to camp, while section B+ (grade 6) on site for their turn to play paintball shooting! All campers will be given time for rest and shower before bouncing back to our regular camp schedule.

Mazel tov for the simchas celebrated in camp this week, with lots of family joining the CGI Family. Mazel tov to, Shalom Wolvovsky, Levi Rapoport, Yehuda Rapoport, and Srolik Melamed, upon their Hanochas Tefillin; and Yisroel Drizin, and Levi Blotner upon their bar mitzvahs. Wishing all the families a big mazel tov with lots of nachas!




What a visiting day! Thanks to all the visitors that made the long trip up to camp to enjoy visiting with your camper, the choir, acrobats, our beautiful grounds and the special Siyum Sefer Torah that took place. It was indeed a very special day with a very special simcha!

Last night, section C bunk war broke out! The section is divided into three teams, with the campers doing it all; they are the generals, captains, song writers, play writers, actors and more. Each team is assigned a staff member as adviser, but it really gives our young bochurim the chance to step up to the plate and show their true talents and capabilities. Campers are quite involved in working on their theme and accumulating as many points as they can.

Our hard working staff were once again treated to an incredible steak-evening-of-appreciation prepared for them by our kitchen and head staff! A special head-staff comedy show was enjoyed by all, as they relaxed and enjoyed their time together! 

 Under a sunny sky we enjoyed a great day in camp of learning, sports and lots of water activities. Tu B’av was greeted with a lively dance night for our campers; and a Farbrengen, with Rabbi M. Wenger from Montreal, for our staff. Section C had a special sushi making event. Campers enjoyed creating, and then tasting their very own home made sushi! 

 This morning campers woke up to a bit of confusion, as lineup was led by campers taking the role of the staff!  “Topsy-turvy” was introduced by campers collecting signatures yesterday, and got themselves voted into their positions of choice!  Always a fun day in camp!   

 Looking forward to a very special Shabbos Nachamu here in camp.

 See you all on Sunday IY”H!  


We look forward to greeting you here on this upcoming Sunday, July 29, 2018 (17 Av) for a very special visiting day iyh!  Visiting day hours are 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. At 6:30 pm campers will be heading to learning classes. Please schedule your departure before then.

We will be celebrating the (Alumni) Siyum Sefer Torah in honor or Rabbi and Mrs. B. Mockin between the hours of 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The program will begin with completing the Torah, Choir, Marching and Hakofas. We look forward to sharing this special Simcha!

To be a part of it please visit

Safe trip up!

Grade trips continued yesterday with a large section of camp, section B+, (grade 6) having their turn for an amazing day out. Campers enjoyed an incredible day at white water rafting! This was the first time that most of our campers experience water rafting, and they had an absolute blast at it. Following their fun, they headed to a restaurant in the Cavendish mall food court in Montreal!  After a generous and delicious dinner, they returned late last night, in great spirits bh!

This morning after breakfast our youngest campers will be leaving on their very own grade trip. Section A is heading out to an amazing trampoline park in Laval! The huge, indoor facility is the perfect outing for our little guys, as they brave the rain in Montreal!

Have a great day!  


The nine days are over and the buses are back on the road bh! While sections A and B+ got to enjoy our sports fields, lake and pool, sections B and C were out all day.

Section B (grade 5) left early Monday morning for a full day trip to Ottawa, Ontario! They appreciated seeing the many famous landmarks, as well as enjoying some great activity in the Ottawa Trampoline park. They returned late last night after a full day of great fun and interesting stops.

Section C enjoyed an amazing day of white water rafting followed by a special restaurant meal in the Cavendish Mall food court. They too returned quite late last night after an incredible day.

Camp had a bit of a late start today for the benefit of those that needed to catch up on some much needed sleep! Have a great day!

Mazel tov to Sholom Schwartz of Brookline Massachusetts, upon his Hanochas Tefillin, being celebrated in camp here today; surrounded by his family and and friends. Mazel tov to the entire family!