Two suspenseful, meaningful, color-war-plays were enjoyed by all sections of camp last night. Campers are busy adding points to their teams, with mishnayos bal peh, davening, benching, races and all the rest. Anticipation is building, as preparations are in full swing, for what promises to be an incredible grand- sing, this evening iyh.

A special Chof Av rally, is taking place in front of our 770 building this afternoon.

Section C departed after breakfast this morning, for their two day grand trip in Montreal. Details to follow.

We greatly encourage parents’ display of appreciation to our hardworking staff, by tipping them. If this was not taken care of on visiting day, it can still be put in online, by logging into your online account. Please note: tips and canteen deposits will be accepted online, till Thursday evening, August 22. Thanks for your cooperation. After Thursday night, the system will no longer accept tips or canteen deposits.