After an incredible Shabbos Nachamu, Section C was shocked at the lavish event arranged for them by their staff. The room was exquisitely set up, with colored doughnuts and drinks for each camp, along with an unlimited amount of colorful candies, ice cream, and waffles. They enjoyed the great program and kid friendly menu!

On to a great visiting day-with our in house, choir and acrobats. CGI thanks Levi Polichenco and Mendel Goldman for arranging the choir, Shneiky Minsky for the music, and Yossi Rosenblum for the acrobats. The animals from Reptizoo, were a great addition to our day, as our visiting families and campers got to enjoy the interactive presentation. Thanks to all those who came from far and near, to visit and experience the amazing grounds we get to enjoy.

After an amazing visiting day, campers were excited to resume to the exciting camp schedule! A full day of sports ended with the break out of color war, and the division of teams. We wish both teams of “Zaroy B’Chaim” and “Hu B’Chaim” and Generals Mendel Chein and Levi Cunin, along with all their staff, best of luck in this tight war. After team time, and song presentations, campers are excited for both theme plays later this evening.