Following an amazing Shabbos, choosing winners for Shabbos  competition was not easy. Congratulations to bunks Beis, Yud Daled and Yud Tes on being the Shabbos competition winners – of the first Shabbos of camp!

The fast came and went b”h – with sports and regular meals for most of our campers. To end the fast  everyone was treated to a delicious lasagna dinner along with chocolate cupcakes and chocolate milk.

After breaking their fast, section C had the official, intense drafts – gearing up for  some really good sports leagues!

When all was still and campers were asleep our hardworking staff was treated to a lavish salad bar with all the trimmings. A great time was enjoyed by all with great warmth and unity.

We would like to notify the parents that we have experienced some challenges with the water and electricity in our new site. Coming from a state of the art Canadian location, we are working with the infrastructure of our temporary home, and are making it as comfortable as possible for our campers and staff. The issue affected grades 6 and 7 and is now up and running. This was not ignored and it was worked on 24/7 by countless professionals, plumbers, electricians and maintenance staff.  We are also in the process of adding AC to both our shuls, as this heat wave passes through. We hope to have it up and running shortly iyh. Our staff has been beyond amazing at pulling us through this challenge and we are grateful that it is now behind us bh!