Regards from an epic Shabbos here in CGI!

The spirit was soring! Friday night’s meal turned out to be a warm, spirited,  farbrengen lead by learning director Menachem Wagner, alternating between stories of shluchim, niggunim and song, campers were enjoying every moment of the well planned program.  Following a beautiful Shabbos morning davening, campers ran to the dining room for a delicious Seudahs Shabbos.  One could hear a pin drop as head counselor Elchonon Perlstein shared stories interrupted by related songs and Nigunim joined by all. Campers were rewarded with pictures of the Rebbe, and a special camp shirt, for their incredible involvement throughout Shabbos.   The afternoon program included rest period, group games,  and learning class farbrengens. Shalash Seudos was highlighted by the famous “Shmaryonki” as Shabbos came to an end, with some good comedy for all to enjoy.

Motzei shabbos, a special pre fast pizza/pasta meal are being prepared in preparation for an easy fast!

Wishing all a Gut Voch!