Campers have adjusted really well to our new site and in their bunks and classes bh! Another beautiful, sunny, cool day was enjoyed by all; with lots of sports, boating, and learning throughout the day.

In the evening, following a favorite hot dog and French fry dinner, all sections of camp gathered in the shul for our first In-House-Entertainment. The laughter and cheering could be heard throughout the camp grounds as the hypnotist had everyone at the edge of his seat.

We apologize for the technical difficulties experienced on our site; with “albums” and “emailing campers” in and out of service. We appreciate all the emails from many anxious parents. Our programmer was at it from the start – to figure out a way to work around the unexpected traffic to the site.   BH it should be up and running for all. We appreciate your patience, and hope it continues to cooperate with the traffic.

Looking forward to our first exciting Shabbos in the Rebbe’s camp!

Good Shabbos.