Wednesday, our first full day of camp, turned out to be an amazing day. Under a sunny ski, with a nice breeze, campers enjoyed a day of sports and lakefront activities. The outdoor learning classes were off to a great start with the sound of learning heard throughout the grounds.

Section C were already on the first trip of the season! The boys enjoyed bowling, ice skating and a delicious pizza-shop lunch. They returned to camp ready for a hearty dinner of meatballs and spaghetti.

Thanks to the many parents that reached out regarding our online photo albums. As we continue to upload daily pictures, there seems to be an overload of views, and our programmer is at it. It did open for some and not for others. We are certainly on top of it, and are in the process of expanding our capacity so that it opens for everyone at all times iy”h.

We greatly appreciate the joint effort in giving your son the true Montreal-overnight-camping-experience, away from home. BH we have lots of sweet cereal, challah, cake, potato kugel, and the rest; to provide all our campers and staff with. Let’s let the boys feel like they are away! Please do not make any erev shabbos deliveries or drop offs. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all parents NOT to come by and drop off packages. The gate will remain locked and packages thrown over will not be delivered! Let’s do this together! Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful day.