The shul was fully decorated, as the costumed campers lined up to enter the grand sing of summer 2022. The themes were C-teen and Sobota, and the costumes and shul followed accordingly.  Meaningful songs, comedy and tremendous Chayus were shared by both teams. It was a grand sing that will go down in history for its Chayus, Achdus and Toichen !

Section C ended their amazing two-day trip with a picnic- Shawarma-dinner in the La Belle rest area. After having an action packed schedule of Laser tag at Darkzone, Axe Throwing, Kart-O-mania go karting, Breakfast on a cruise, Jet boating,  and ice skating; along with special meals and treats throughout, the entire section C returned on a high! It was a trip to remember bh!

Preparations are underway for the last shabbos of the summer Shabbos Mevorchim Elul!