First day of the session turned out really great bh! Once buses from NY, Montreal and the airport arrived, campers were given their bunks and enjoyed a delicious grill cheese lunch! No time was wasted once the campers settled into their new bunks, and the lake front was bustling with activity!

Last night, lights out was on time for all sections, giving our new campers a chance to catch up on the missed night’s sleep from their long “red eye” trip up here.

This morning – after Davening and breakfast, our campers are getting ready for their grade trips. Grade 5 is off to a full day trip to Ottawa. Section A, grade 4 is going jet boating, and Section C are off to some great white water rafting. We will report on their amazing day once they return iyh.

Now that the bunk and class lists have been sent by email, feel free to email your son through our site, using his bunk number and section. Our bunks are divided into sections. The sections are: Section A-grade 4, Section B- Grade 5, Section B+-grade 6, and Section C-Grade 7.   Thanks for limiting your emails to four emails a week.