After a great day of sports wearing our new CGI color coded league caps, and lots of lake activities, CGI enjoyed our second amazing in-house-E! Mr. Russel, coming all the way from Virginia had us at the edge of seats with his fascinating mind reading and exciting sword swallowing show!

Our masmidim took a brief break to enjoy the S. Sauveur Go karting! Always a nice outing!

Section C have an ongoing “Mivtzah” knows as “Hatomim” where campers keep track of their daily progress in various areas and are rewarded weekly for the efforts. Last night, 102 Section C bochurim were rewarded for their hard work with a special event – bringing them back to “Brooklyn” – of course lots of Brooklyn food was lavishly displayed and enjoyed. Be sure to discuss the Mivtzah –  Hatomim with your son when you visit on Sunday iyh.

Early this morning bunks vov and yud zayin were out on their special runaways. Bunk Vov in La belle biking and bunk Yud Zayin tubing across the lake.  

Looking forward to another great day here in CGI!