This morning, bright and early bunk yud gimmel was boated across the lake for an amazing runaway, including davening, breakfast and tubing.

57 Bochurim from section C are heading out this morning for a go-karting trip followed by a special picnic breakfast! The trip is a reward for their hard work last Shabbos.  All these bochurim learnt over 16 lines of Tanya bal Peh! Lots of Chassidishe nachas!

Last night after a great day of sports and water activities, all departments of camp filed into the shul filling up every corner of every bleacher to enjoy our second in-house-E of the summer. James the Magician came all the way from Toronto to entertain us all – leaving campers wondering “how did he do that?”

After lights out, when all was still, our hardworking staff were treated to another amazing staffe’ salad night, professionally prepared by our head staff! They were treated to a special presentation by “James” including some hysterical pick pocketing act. ! Staff ended the day rejuvenated and ready to continue with their shlichus in camp!