Another beautiful Shabbos here in CGI! The Shabbos Seudahs were transformed into “Chassidishe Farbrengens” as the head -ounselors inspired us all with brief stories and insights followed by lively songs and niggunim. Rabbi B. Mockin lead his traditional nigunim and was then joined by all! Mishnayis bal peh was quite busy all afternoon, and campers were seen enjoying their sweet rewards!  This was followed by seder nigunim, mincha and shalahs seudos – highlighted by our all famous “Shmaryunki”.

Last night, there was a special pizza Melava Malka for all “fasters”, in preparation for the long fast today! May it be an easy fast and the last of its kind!

For all concerned, yes we are also experiencing a heat wave here in La Minerve. Of course, being up north, and near the water, it is a lot milder. Please remember, all our bunks and main shuls, dining rooms etc. are well air conditioned Bh.  We look forward to using our lake as much as possible, and of course drinking a lot of water!