Another action-packed day here in CGI!

The hardworking waiters were given a well-deserved break, with a trip to Tremblant, followed by a special barbecue – prepared for them by their very own counselor.

The Shabbos Competition winners were rewarded with tubing rides – on our glorious lake throughout the day!

Campers grabbed their sleeping bags and headed up the hill to our very-own-inhouse-overnight-campsite. Under a clear, bright ski, they enjoyed crispy hot dogs and potatoes and roasted marshmallows. After helping create a huge fire, everyone enjoyed sitting around the fire with live music, as great songs and stories were shared. An extra snack was distributed before they headed to their sleeping bag to enjoy a great night’s sleep under the clear sky!

Section C bochurim, were in their own universe, preparing for the climax of their bunk war- with the grand sing. Every camper dressed in his team’s costume – headed to the decorated Zal. The skits, comedy, songs and great spirit; made for a truly memorable event.

After a decent night’s sleep, the section C boys headed out this morning for their weekly trip. Details to follow.