Campers were quite surprised to receive a personalized, labeled, headset as they headed out to of the dining room from supper last night. Under a clear, starry sky, the excitement was tangible, the atmosphere magical, as every staff member was involved in this incredible production.  Campers were both calm and excited as they watched the professional act portraying the importance of true Ahavas Yisroel. It was exciting to watch their counselors, teachers, general staff, and head staff, show their talent on stage. Of course there was lots of comedy and intensity throughout the play. The sound, lighting, costumes and details were all perfect. Much thanks to the amazing staff and head staff for making this happen.

Following the play, after every camper was back in his bunk, the rain came pouring!  The hard working staff enjoyed a “Pizza event” including poutine and all the trimmings; prepared for them by the kitchen and head staff! Another great event!

This morning, section C woke up to a special gourmet breakfast, prepared for them by their staff. The campers were shocked as they walked into their dining room and were treated to absolute royalty. A special program was enjoyed while the breakfast was served.

Have a good Shabbos!