Campers have been running around collecting signatures to be nominated for the position of their choice. Once signatures were collected; our finalists had to debate for their positions, in our intense night activity last night. This morning, positions  have been reversed, as many campers can be seen walking around with our ever popular “Radios”, as they hold key staff positions in camp. A day that is always enjoyed by all, as campers have a chance to enjoy privileges they don’t  usually get.

In the meantime, our devoted staff members were working last night, in preparation for what promises to be an incredible outdoor staff play; taking place tonight on the CGI kick ball field. Stages are being set, props are being built, costumes, sewn, as the excitement rises for this amazing production.

Section C had over 90 Hatomim winners enjoy a special activity last night, of “make your own pizza”. In honor of  the 9-days the campers enjoyed playing chef with this great dairy event.

Mazel tov to the Kaplan and Kuravsky families  and upon the bar Mitzvahs of their sons; celebrated here in camp with family and friends. CGI wishes both families a huge mazel and lots of Nachas. Only simchas.

Have a nice day!