Section A (bunk Alef – Vov, grades 3 & 4) had a great trip yesterday to Isaute – where campers enjoyed lots of climbing and jumping. They returned to camp just in time to join us for a delicious schnitzel dinner – thoroughly enjoyed by all! Much thanks to our amazing chef, Yisroel Turk for keeping everyone well fed with delicious and nutritious meals!

Our hardworking staff were treated to the first “staff’e” of the summer. A festive event was prepared for them including club sandwiches with all the trimmings beautifully displayed! The atmosphere was magical and the program was great, including a grand game of “heads up” involving all the staff in great achdus!

Campers have been enjoying early morning runaways – across the lake, where they enjoy a picnic breakfast, boat ride and tube rides. This week bunks Ches, Chof Gimmel and Chof each had their chance to “run away”. Great way to start an amazing day!