Section C had an amazing bunk war. Last night’s memorable grand sing was lively, exciting, and full of toichen!

Our hardworking staff were treated to a well-deserved break – with a lavish brunch at the local “Sauce and Cheese” restaurant! They were welcomed warmly with an abundance of food and great fun!

Color war is here! The names of the teams are “Ploas” and “Arenu” with Menachem Wagner and Elchonon Perlstein as generals! Camp is buzzing with excitement as campers are enjoying the new songs, plays, and comedy throughout the day!

Please notice the emails you are receiving regarding return transportation for Monday August 16. Please be sure to respond to the email if you plans have changed. As a reminder: Crown Heights bus arrives at 1 pm to the corner of President & Kingston; and the upstate bus will arrive at noon to the Mountain Mall Plaza in Monticello.