Shabbos Mevorchim Elul was celebrated as would be appropriate for the special month. Tehillim was highly encouraged. All campers were treated to a fresh doughnut, and section C was once again indulged with a a special breakfast buffet following a packed house of tehillim.

After Shabbos, section C bunk war broke out with the help of Rabbi Nechemia Deitsch, the visiting Shliach.  Section C is heavily involved in their own war. Campers are preparing songs, plays, skits and more. The hidden talents are quickly being recognized by every camper involved.

As many campers made Hachlotas for Chof Av, quite a few included “saying Chitas”. A sponsor came through with plenty of Chayeinus to help implement this Hachlato.

After a lively Shabbos, the race was fierce for Shabbos competition. The winters are bunks Yud Alef, Daled and Chof. Yud Alef and Daled went bowling today, and chof will be rewarded shortly iyh.