Another amazing Shabbos BH! The Shabbos Seudos were lively and full of exciting stories and songs. The new bog war songs were learned and shared, as well as many other niggunim and camp songs, as many campers were enjoying their last shabbos in CGI 2021.

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel joined CGI for shabbos and farbrenged with the staff all afternoon. Shalash Seudos featured a special pre fast menu of shnitzel, deli roll, salami, salad, baguettes and ice cream. Campers then headed to the shul for shmaryonki, Kamtza-Bar Kamtza and of course Eicha. Today campers will enjoy a special once a summer camper/staff sports game.

Section C had a voluntary Q&A period with Rabbi Paltiel. Most of the bochurim chose to join and soaked in the knowledge that was shared.

Looking forward to when this day will no longer be a fast! Have an easy fast!