Shabbos tisha bav was a special Shabbos here in camp. The dining room farbrengens were warm and inspiring as the head counselors shared pertinent stories and Divrei Torah followed by lively and meaningful songs. Every bunk was involved throughout Shabbos. During Shalosh Seudos, the staff burst into the dining room in dance, following their Farbrengen. The entire camp joined as they danced to the niggun Hakofas. May this be our last Tisha B’av ever!

During the day of Tisha b’av a grand camper/counselor game of baseball took place! Always a highlight! We were thrilled to break our fast on the delicious supper of; pea soup, pizza, salad, corn on the cob, cake and melon. A loud cheer was heard when laundry was announced. Following Marriv campers were excited to run to their bunks for the special “treat” of  sorting their laundry.

Under a sunny sky we are enjoying a great day of sports, water activities and swimming. Looking forward to our special in house E tonight after our first “fleishig” dinner!