Another amazing day of sports and activities was enjoyed by campers of all sections BH.  Be sure to view the pictures to see your son in action!

Last night, following a delicious schnitzel dinner, campers were treated to another in house entertainer. The mentalist had everyone at the edge of his seat, trying to figure out just “how did he do it”!

Section C had a glamorous event, prepared for them by their amazing staff. A barbecue was royally displayed on one of our basketball courts, and the campers were treated to a lavish menu, with an incredible program.

After a week of Hachonas, the entire CGI family is heading to the Rebbe in honor of Chof Av. The stops will include both 770 and the Ohel, with a fresh pizza lunch midway. Wonderful hachlotas were taken in honor of this auspicious day, which will be shared with the Rebbe iyh.