After much anticipation and preparation, the trip to the Rebbe was an extraordinary experience for all. The entire camp walked through the Rebbe’s Ohel, with Panim, and then headed to 770 for Mincha and a brief rally. Campers and staff returned to camp inspired with an increased feeling of connection. It was an uplifting trip for all.

Rabbi Meir Rodal, Mashpiah in Oholei Torah and Chovivei Torah, farbrenged with every section of camp following the special visit to the Rebbe. Campers, Section C Bochurim, and then staff were each addressed accordingly, climaxing an already moving day.

The one bus of Section C boys that did not make it (due to bus issues) are off this morning for their special trip to the Rebbe. They left bright and early considering traffic etc.

CGI is honored to welcome Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum to share inspiration with campers and staff alike throughout Shabbos. Looking forward to another amazing Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp!