We enjoyed another uplifting Shabbos, with lots excitement throughout all the Seudos- stories, niggunim, camp songs etc. Seder niggunim was also quite special as each section of camp mastered a new niggun – patiently and meticulously taught to them by a group of learning teachers.

Motzei Shabbos came in with lots of action including a special waffle/ice cream event for all grade 6 campers that partook in the Mivtza throughout the week. Section C campers were all treated to a special late night, for each bunk, including French fries parties, Slurpee trips and more.

Sunday morning, the staff were treated to a lavish breakfast of lox-cream cheese-bagels, pastries, omelets, variety of coffees and yogurts. Great appreciation was shared for their amazing tireless work.