Last night’s mini banquet was quite lively, emotional and of course tasty. Our kitchen staff outdid themselves with the delicious lasagna dinner! Most bunks celebrated with special late nights and good by celebrations for their departing friends.

Early this morning our new campers have begun arriving in camp with the Toronto bus and NY bus being the first to pull in.  The new session will begin once the buses pull out to the airport, NY and Montreal iyh and the rest of our buses arrive. 

There will be no calling today. Campers will be assigned to their new bunks before lunch  and will have some time to settle in. Each parent will receive an email this evening with his son’s bunk list and class list, including counselors and teachers. Please take note of the bunk number.  Once you have the new list, you can check our website for the calling schedule. Campers are not forced to call, but are given the opportunity to do so.

Looking forward to another amazing session here in CGI!