Thanks to all the family and friends that took the long trip to visit camp; and join us for another wonderful visiting day!

Following the beautiful CGI choir, we celebrated the beginning of the writing of a Sefer Torah in honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Berel Mockin- celebrating our 60th year of camp. Rabbi Mockin greeted the crowd and continued with the reading of the Rebbe’s letter! Quebec Shluchim, guests and family were honored to help start the writing of the Torah.  To be a part of this special Sefer-Torah, please scroll up on our webpage.

As soon as visiting day ended and just as the last guest left, our staff began roping off the kickball field in preparation for the grand outdoor staff play. The props, stages and backdrops have been created by the talented staff and campers are looking forward to an amazing outdoor performance tonight IYH. The spirit and excitement are felt by staff and campers alike, in all sections of camp! Truly a highlight of the summer.