We look forward to greeting family and friends for visiting day today, Sunday, August 6!

Please note the schedule and parking plan.

Parking: For your safety and to avoid parking tickets or possible towing, parking has been arranged in the village of La Minerve. Our camp drivers will be shuttling parents back and forth all day. Police will be on the road all day, so please be careful.

Visiting hours: 1:00-6:00 pm
6:30 pm campers start learning classes; we greatly appreciate parents respecting this schedule.

1:00 line up (parents are welcome to watch)
1:30 lunch
2:30 choir presentation
3:30 beginning sefer Torah-celebrating 60 years of CGI; in honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Berel Mockin
6:00 visiting day ends

CGI welcomes our new Mikvah boat to our shores. Feel free to check out our latest addition.
Mazel tov to the bochurim and families celebrating Hanochas tefillin here in camp this morning.

Betzalel Lebovic from Crown Heights

Mendel Bryski from Thousand Oaks, California

Moishe Newman from Kingston, Pennsylvania

Shmully Paris from New York, NY

Yaakov Sousan from Montreal

Motty Yarmak From Crown Heights

Shalom Zwiebel from Kingston, Pennsylvania