Another beautiful, sunny, warm day was enjoyed, as grade trips continued. Grade 5 had an amazing time in Ottawa and returned last evening with lots to report.

Section A had a great time rock climbing and then enjoyed some delicious pizza in the Cavendish mall food court.

In the meantime grade 6 campers alternated between driving and boating to and from our neighboring town of Lac-Desert. They were our first group to enjoy the mini golf park in the area. Last night they had an in- camp-excursion-evening, with sports and a great barbecue up in our outer fields.

Section C had a lakefront “Seashore Barbecue” beautifully built and prepared by their hardworking staff last night. An exciting program and menu were enjoyed by all. This morning, campers in section C are seen walking around with radios and white shirts, as they are staff for the day with a fun filled “topsy-turvy” day,  a chance to switch positions for the day! 

Bunks Chof Gimmel and Ches are off this morning for a go-karting trip as a reward for winning shabbos competition last Shabbos.

Please notice your son’s schedule and understand that he may have missed his calling day due to all the excitement this week. We will do our best to make up for missed call.  Otherwise please wait to hear more details from him on this Sunday, visiting iy”h.

Have a good Shabbos!