The grade trips are upon us! This is a special time for each group of boys the same age to enjoy an outing with just others in their own grade. Most grades include many bunks keh and the boys really enjoy the special time to get to know others, from the other bunks, really well. The grade trips have proven to be a very significant outing for our campers.

It started yesterday with the older sections in camp. Grade 6 better known as section B+ loaded the buses heading to Montreal to Bounce in Laval’s “Isaute”. They returned a bit late last night after a really great outing and headed to the dining room for a late dinner. Section C (grade 7) went white water rafting, followed by a burger-dinner in the Cavendish mall food court, in Montreal. The rapids were great yesterday and the trip was bh a total success.

Early this morning, grade 5, known as section B, left for Ottawa, for a packed day of site seeing and activity in the countries capital; including a visit to the “Mint”, changing of the Guards and Extreme bouncing! Section A (grades 3 and 4) are leaving later today for Rock Climbing in Horizon-Montreal.

Please take note of the missing calling times. We do our best to make up for missed calling days, but can only do our best IYH!

Last night, our hardworking staff were once again treated to a special event, a “shawarma evening”! The staff prepared a lavish meal, beautifully displayed for the staff to relax and enjoy! A great time to enjoy and recharge.