Following a really lively Shabbos we are happy to share the winners of this week’s Shabbos competition. The bunks that davened, sang, learned really well and cooperated throughout Shabbos, are bunks alef and yud daled! Congratulations to our winners!

Campers enjoyed a great day of sports leagues and learning classes yesterday, followed by a special night activity.

Early this morning, bunk beis was treated to a special “runaway” on the island across the lake, with a special cook-out breakfast, following by the water park! They returned to camp in time for cleanup and learning classes after a great time away.

In the meantime, bunks Yud and Yud Alef had a runaway to our neighboring town of La Minerve, where they enjoyed a picnic breakfast and sports.

Bunks Tes Vov and Tes Zayin are off for a lunch getaway at the island across the lake.

Large banners can be seen hanging across the kickball field as we prepare for a grand outdoor siyum Harambam later today iyh.

Mazel Tov To Yossi Piekarski From Bogota, upon his Hanochas Tefilin celebrated today in camp, with his family and friends.