CGI joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Siyum H’Rambam here in camp. The Masmidim outdid themselves with the great out door set up, including huge posters, torches, and a Beis Hamikdash replica. Rabbi Wagner made the actual Siyum, Niggunim were sung, Pesukim recited, and “accapella” staff choir was enjoyed, and Rabbi Avtzon shared his greetings with the campers and did the Hascholas H’ Rambam. The event ended with fire balloons being let out into the sky, corresponding to the Seforim of the Rambam.

Early this morning, bunks were treated to runaways out of camp. Bunk Hey went across the lake for a special picnic breakfast; and bunks Vov and Zayin went to the little village of  La Minerve for breakfast, sports and shopping.

Mazel Tov to Mendy Slavin from Montreal upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with his family and friends. Wishing lots of nachas to the entire family!