Following a day of intense sports, our campers were treated to a special presentation. Campers of all sections filled the shul to watch the grand Masmidim play. Congratulations to our Masmidim on a job well done! Campers returned to their bunks, enthused by the lessons learned from watching the Masmidim in action.

Section B (grade 5) campers were surprised with a special “pizza event” last night. They were shocked to see the decorated room, with tons of food, set up just for them. A great time was enjoyed by all! l

When all was still, and campers were fast asleep, our hardworking staff were once again treated to an evening of appreciation. The head staff prepared a lavish pizza-pasta-soup buffet, which was enjoyed late into the night. Staff had an amazing time together, as they were appreciated for their hard work.

Today, the bunks that were chosen for runaways across the lake, were bunks ches and yud beis. Bunks Chof Beis and Yud Zayin were treated to a getaway to La Minerve with breakfast and sports.

Early this morning, a truck carrying special equipment drove down the hill. Our in-house special activities are being set out around camp. Campers are excited to join the fun, as each camper will have the opportunity to enjoy “laser tag”, “archery” and “Bazooka”, on our very own grounds!

Mazel tov to Yisroel Andrusier from Cooper City Florida, upon his bar mitzvah; and to Shmulie Winner from Tucson Arizona, upon his Hanochas Tefillin. Both Simchas were celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Wishing lots of Nachas to both families.