Grade trips continued to thrill our campers, with Grade 6 spending most of Monday enjoying Clip n Climb activities in Laval and Brossard, Quebec.

On this special day of Gimmel Tammuz, we are honored to welcome Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, who has joined us to inspire and motivate our campers. The staff were deeply inspired by his farbrengen throughout the night, and we look forward to a special rally later today, where the campers will have the opportunity to be uplifted by his words.

Last night, a gorel (lottery) was held to select the fortunate individuals who will represent our entire camp at the Ohel today. The staff celebrated this special occasion with joyful dancing. Please join us in congratulating our shluchim to the Rebbe on this auspicious day: Motty Baron, Mendel Steinberg, and Gershon Jacobson!

We are also delighted to announce the תלמיד השבוע list for the first week of camp:
Lots of Nachas!

Section C:

1. Nochem Benyominson
2. Asher Sossonko
3. Yisroel Rosenberg
4. Mendel Perman
5. Yosef Landa
6. Binyomin Gavin
7. Dovid Rosenbloom
8. Shneur Schanowitz
9. Ari Goldman
10. Yosef Lipskier
11. Yanki Majeski
12. Dov Parshan

Regular camp: (grades 4, 5, 6)

  1. Levi Fischer
  2. Menachem Silberstrom
  3. Mendel Borenstein
  4. Shmuel Meir Silberstein
  5. Yehuda Adler
  6. Tzvi Itkin
  7. Levi Okunov
  8. Menachem Okonov
  9. Shmuel Lebovic
  10. Nosson Deitsch
  11. Sholom Raskin
  12. Menachem Wilschanski
  13. Nosson Marosow
  14. Zalman Alevsky
  15. Yaakov Lipskier
  16. Sholom Sheinberger
  17. Nochum Simpson
  18. Menashe Naparstek
  19. Mendel Marcus
  20. Yisroel Heber
  21. Yisroel Heber
  22. Moshe Golowinski
  23. Aryeh Farkash
  24. Yehoshua Kaplan
  25. Sholom Shain
  26. Chaim Blokh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Stay tuned for more updates from our special day!”