Last night, after an amazing sunny day of sports, water activities, and lots of learning, the shul was literally shaking from the enthusiasm and spirit! When our CGI family and Eli Marcus and Fitche Bensimon get together it is an event not to be missed. The talented singer took the long trip up to camp along with Musician Fitche Bensimon; and their combined talent had every camper on his feet. The concert was a combination of the famous Marcus songs, camp songs and of course niggunim, accompanied by amazing backdrop videos. Every camper was treated to popcorn and a cold water bottle to keep them going for the duration of the show. Stay tuned for lots of pictures.

After the younger sections were dismissed from the shul, section C remained behind as Eli shocked them with his break out of BUNK WAR! Section C is now in a zone of their own, as campers were divided into teams, given names and themes! We look forward to a two day war of unity and chayos; bringing out the amazing talent these young bochurim posses.

Early this morning bunks Zayin and Yud Tes headed out to go-karting as reward for wining shabbos competition. Congratulations to all our winners.

Mazel Tov to Mendel Shusterman upon his Bar Mitzvah; celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Mazel tov to Moshe Zwiebel and Avremel Labkowski, upon their hanochas tefillin which took place in camp. camp Simchas are always special!


Once again, we are happy to share the list of campers that were recognized as being the best in learning classes for the week. For the benefit of campers that joined us for second month we will explain the graph; the second column are campers that were best in the class for the week, and the third column are those that progressed and put in that extra effort. Lots of Nachas!

Along the same line, we are pleased to share our good news of the day: every camper in sections A, B and B+ attended cocoa club this morning!

­­­­­­­Shiur תלמיד השבוע חייל השבוע
Rabbi Amzallag Leibel Slavin Shmuel Nelken
Rabbi Polter Mendel Sollish Shmuli Cunin
Rabbi Yanky Gurkow Nochum Gurevitch Sholom Lieberman
Rabbi Chaim Yisrolik Plotkin Zevi Lipskier
Rabbi Friedman Mendy Traurig Zalman Lew
Rabbi Krinsky Chaim Yosef Cohen Mendel Wolvovsky
Rabbi Schwey Mendel Herbstman Mendel Laufer
Rabbi Cohen Mendel Beitsch Yisrael Yiftach
Rabbi Geisinsky Zalman Gansbourg Mendel Mockin
Rabbi Moshe Gurary Levi Pape Moshe Katz
Rabbi Shmuel Gurary Shmuel Nechemya Mockin Moshe Nelken
Rabbi Mendel Gurkow Yaakov Sasson Mendel Mendelow
Rabbi Lavner Gershon Jacobson Shmuli Rubashkin
Rabbi Marasow Tzemach Tenebaum Motti Yarmak
Rabbi Tiechtel Yaakov Lerner Ruvi Dunin
Rabbi Greenbaum Nosson Oster Elimelech Greenbaum
Rabbi Kremer Sholom Ber Abrahams Mendel Oster
Rabbi Mendel Gurary Mendel Teichman Matisyahu Gershovitz
Rabbi Korf Tzvi Bronstein Shmuli Schonbuch
Rabbi Nemanow Levi Lieberman Yisrael Schapiro
Rabbi Swued Yaakov Yarmush Mendel Bryski
Rabbi Vogel Mendel Pels Shimi Teninbaum
Rabbi Katzman Nochum Plotkin Shneur Zalman Gozenpud
Rabbi Oster Tzvi Spielman Nosson Sollish
Rabbi Schapiro Mendy Brod Schneur Uzan
Rabbi Chaikin Zalmy Greenbaum Dovid Lew
Rabbi Gerlitzky Mendel Volovick Mendel Lovitch


Campers were quite surprised to receive a personalized, labeled, headset as they headed out to of the dining room from supper last night. Under a clear, starry sky, the excitement was tangible, the atmosphere magical, as every staff member was involved in this incredible production.  Campers were both calm and excited as they watched the professional act portraying the importance of true Ahavas Yisroel. It was exciting to watch their counselors, teachers, general staff, and head staff, show their talent on stage. Of course there was lots of comedy and intensity throughout the play. The sound, lighting, costumes and details were all perfect. Much thanks to the amazing staff and head staff for making this happen.

Following the play, after every camper was back in his bunk, the rain came pouring!  The hard working staff enjoyed a “Pizza event” including poutine and all the trimmings; prepared for them by the kitchen and head staff! Another great event!

This morning, section C woke up to a special gourmet breakfast, prepared for them by their staff. The campers were shocked as they walked into their dining room and were treated to absolute royalty. A special program was enjoyed while the breakfast was served.

Have a good Shabbos!

Campers have been running around collecting signatures to be nominated for the position of their choice. Once signatures were collected; our finalists had to debate for their positions, in our intense night activity last night. This morning, positions  have been reversed, as many campers can be seen walking around with our ever popular “Radios”, as they hold key staff positions in camp. A day that is always enjoyed by all, as campers have a chance to enjoy privileges they don’t  usually get.

In the meantime, our devoted staff members were working last night, in preparation for what promises to be an incredible outdoor staff play; taking place tonight on the CGI kick ball field. Stages are being set, props are being built, costumes, sewn, as the excitement rises for this amazing production.

Section C had over 90 Hatomim winners enjoy a special activity last night, of “make your own pizza”. In honor of  the 9-days the campers enjoyed playing chef with this great dairy event.

Mazel tov to the Kaplan and Kuravsky families  and upon the bar Mitzvahs of their sons; celebrated here in camp with family and friends. CGI wishes both families a huge mazel and lots of Nachas. Only simchas.

Have a nice day!

Last night, campers,  counselors and all staff filled the shul with excitement for the Section C grand play. Section C staff and campers united in performing a professional play full of Toichen. Enjoyed by all!

Today, each department of camp will have a chance to enjoy a special activity of drum circle; brought down all the way from Montreal. The sounds and fun involved are quite incredible! An activity being enjoyed by campers of all ages. Pictures to follow.

Mazel Tov to Sholom Deitsch and Yisroel Gurkow upon their Bar Mitzvahs – celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Mazel Tov and lots of nachas to both families.

Following sports league drafts, campers are enjoying every moment of sports. Every playing fields  in camp has been used throughout all the  activities; including our newly paved basketball court! Campers seem really happy to spend a few days on camp grounds enjoying what boys like most, sports!

Don’t miss our new addition of water tag as you view our latest pictures. A great activity enjoyed by our campers in honor of the nine days.

Stay tuned for pictures to follow “a day in camp” coming soon.

Dinner was nice and early last night so that we can enjoy our last fleishig  supper before shkiah, in preparation for the nine days ahead.  Campers then headed to the shul for in incredible in house entertainment by the world famous Marc Salem! The talented mentalist had us all laughing and wondering how he did it all. Another great event in CGI.

Have a good shabbos.


Buses pulled in throughout the evening, returning very happy campers from their special grade trips.

Section A (grades 3 & 4) had a great time in the old port of Montreal on the rodeo-fast-moving-speed-boat. They  then enjoyed activities at the beautiful port. For dinner they headed to “Chai-Center” for a special barbecue. Thanks to the “Chai-Center” shluchim for welcoming us so warmly.

Grade 5 campers, better known as “section B” had a fun-filled day in Ottawa. They started off at the Canadian-Mint, for a full tour; followed by some great  jumping at the Ottawa-Trampoline-park and ended their day at the famous “light show”. Campers returned late last night after an  incredible day!

Section B+, Grade 6 campers enjoyed ice skating in Montreal. They then headed to the amazing Pizza-Pita restaurant for a delicious dinner.

It was a perfect hot summer day for white water rafting. Section C braved the rapids and enjoyed every moment of the great outdoors. Delicious pizza was delivered to the site and was enjoyed by the hungry campers as they got off their rafts.

This morning all sections were treated to a later revile following the amazing exhausting day. Sports, swimming and water activities have been going full force. The lake front is buzzing with non stop activities as campers enjoy all our boats and activities on this sunny, hot summer day!

Second session is sure off to a great start BH.

After a good night’s sleep our new campers have adjusted really nicely and have caught on to their new surroundings extremely fast!

Today, Wednesday, all sections of camp are heading out for a special grade trip-each grade to another location. We hope to share details and pictures upon their return IYH. Campers were up bright and early for davening and breakfast and are heading out for a full day trip.

Calling day and email distribution will be rescheduled for another day as campers enjoy their time away.


All buses have safely arrived bh and campers headed to the shul for bunk divisions followed by a delicious falafel lunch. Smiling faces were seen around camp as campers assist their new friends in settling in. Activities took off to a great start – with no time to waste, campers are already enjoying sports as well as water activities!

Later this evening parents will be receiving the list of bunks and learning classes; including counselors and learning teachers. Once that is received, you are free to email your son through our website. Please be sure to specify the correct bunk number in order to have it properly delivered to your son. You can also check the calling schedule located on the homepage of our site, to know which day of the week you can expect a call from your son.

Looking forward to an amazing month with your sons!