Section C returned last evening after an invigorating day! The section was divided in half, and each camper got to enjoy the trip they missed last week, between rope course and paintball shooting. All campers joined for an amazing barbecue following the incredible day.

The rest of the campers were thrilled to enjoy a day of sports and activities. BH, the weather could not have been better – to enjoy our amazing grounds.

This morning, section C celebrated the bar mitzvah of Shalom Hurwitz, son of Yitzi Hurwitz surrounded by family and friends. Huge mazel tov to the entire Hurwitz family!

Campers returned after an amazing overnight and trip – tired and excited. After showering and lunch they enjoyed an afternoon of sports and activities!

Supper turned into a Yud Beis – Yud Gimmel Farbrengen with niggunim and song, as well as a special talk from our Mashpiah Rabbi S. Avtzon. The interactive talk was well received by every camper present!

Campers were treated to an early lights out – to catch up on much needed sleep after the overnight!

Campers arrived at the overnight site, excited to unpack, settle in, and set up their sleeping bags, under a clear starry sky. The barbecued hot dogs were ready for them as they sat round the fire and enjoyed the stories and songs, together with their staff. Early this morning – everyone headed to the onsite water park to enjoy the incredible water slides and pools. A delicious picnic breakfast was then enjoyed by all.

Section C took advantage of our quiet campgrounds with their grand C-Shore, lakefront barbecue. The staff outdid themselves, setting up the props and food, all contributing the success of the event.

Mazel Tov to Zalmy Weinfeld on his Hanochas Tefillin, celebrated here in camp with his family and friends.

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Thanks to all of those that made the long trip up to camp for visiting day. Under a sunny sky, with a pleasant breeze, the weather could not have been better. Campers really enjoyed showing their families our amazing camp grounds and especially our new playing fields. At 6:30 pm, campers hurried to learning classes, happy to continue with the normal camp schedule.

Last night, when all was still, our section C bochurim were treated to a lavish Shnitzel Wrap event, prepared for them by their devoted staff. A great time was enjoyed by all. In the meantime, several bunks had their own Chassidishe Farbrengens in their bunk houses – with their own counselors – in honor of Yud Beis Tamuz.

Early this morning, bunks Tes and Yud beis were up and around bright and early, for their very special “runaway”. Campers were treated to a picnic breakfast, followed by  biking on the beautifully paved bike trails, in the neighboring city of La Belle.

Today, Monday, after enjoying the first two activities here in camp; campers rushed to their bunks to pack for the one and only overnight of the session!! The excitement is evident! Looking forward to a great overnight followed by a trip bright and early tomorrow morning. Will be sure to keep you posted.

After a very special Shabbos here in CGI – we are happy to share the winners of a very tight Shabbos competition. Our hardworking winners are: bunks Beis, Ches, and Chof Beis with Bunk Yud Tes coming in as a close runner up. Winners will be rewarded later on this week iyh with a special trip.

We look forward to greeting our friends and family today, for our first visiting day.

Visiting day starts at 1:00 pm city time, with lineup, followed by a quick lunch for the campers. Parents are welcome to watch the boys in action, at line up. Visiting day ends at 6:00 pm city time. Have a safe trip up!

Last night we were all entertained with another amazing in house E-  with Jared the Contortionist! All sections of camp packed our main shul to enjoy breathtaking stunts. He amazed us as he squeezed himself through a tennis racket and walked on his hands while folded in half. Campers returned to their bunks wondering how he did it all!

We look forward to greeting all our visitors in camp on Sunday for our first visiting day of the season. Be sure to ask your son to show you our new sports fields. It is a nice walk, but worth the trek! BH campers and staff are really enjoying our latest addition to camp.

Visiting day begins at 1:00 pm city time; with our pre-lunch line up. Parents are welcome to come watch line up. Campers are then dismissed to the dining room for a quick lunch and then enjoy the day with their visitors. Campers without visitors will be treated to time-on-the-lake, and in the pool iyh. Visiting day ends at 6:00 pm, with learning classes starting at 6:30 pm. We really appreciate the cooperation of all our visitors.

Looking forward to another special Shabbos here in CGI. Good Shabbos!

Two tents were set up in the center of camp for our very own, in-house-escape-room. It was brought all the way from Montreal, and set up in camp by our very own staff. Each bunk had a turn to enjoy this amazing activity; bringing out the detective in them. Was certainly a great hit.

Section C had an amazing trip yesterday. The section is split in two; half went to Mirabelle Paintball and the other to S. Saveur rope course. Next week iyh they will each have a chance to enjoy the trip they missed this week. Campers had an absolute incredible time bh.

Huge smiles could be seen on the campers’ faces as the buses returned to camp last night. The grade trips went extremely well bh!

Grade 4 went to a trampoline park- Elevation and out for pizza in the Cavendish mall food court. Grade 5 went bowling and to the Darkzone laser tag, and grade 6 went to the Elevation Trampoline Park as well as bowling followed by the pizza shop!

Campers enjoyed a delicious supper of meatballs and spaghetti as they shared the excitement of the day.

Today, Grade 7- section C, are off again on another amazing trip!

Mazel tov to Chaim Stern from Montreal – on his Hanochas Tefillin – celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Wishing the Stern family lots of Chassidishe nachas.

CGI looks forward to welcoming our Masmidim, starting their learning program today iyh: together with their Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Wagner.