CGI joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Siyum H’Rambam here in camp. The Masmidim outdid themselves with the great out door set up, including huge posters, torches, and a Beis Hamikdash replica. Rabbi Wagner made the actual Siyum, Niggunim were sung, Pesukim recited, and “accapella” staff choir was enjoyed, and Rabbi Avtzon shared his greetings with the campers and did the Hascholas H’ Rambam. The event ended with fire balloons being let out into the sky, corresponding to the Seforim of the Rambam.

Early this morning, bunks were treated to runaways out of camp. Bunk Hey went across the lake for a special picnic breakfast; and bunks Vov and Zayin went to the little village of  La Minerve for breakfast, sports and shopping.

Mazel Tov to Mendy Slavin from Montreal upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with his family and friends. Wishing lots of nachas to the entire family!

Following a really lively Shabbos we are happy to share the winners of this week’s Shabbos competition. The bunks that davened, sang, learned really well and cooperated throughout Shabbos, are bunks alef and yud daled! Congratulations to our winners!

Campers enjoyed a great day of sports leagues and learning classes yesterday, followed by a special night activity.

Early this morning, bunk beis was treated to a special “runaway” on the island across the lake, with a special cook-out breakfast, following by the water park! They returned to camp in time for cleanup and learning classes after a great time away.

In the meantime, bunks Yud and Yud Alef had a runaway to our neighboring town of La Minerve, where they enjoyed a picnic breakfast and sports.

Bunks Tes Vov and Tes Zayin are off for a lunch getaway at the island across the lake.

Large banners can be seen hanging across the kickball field as we prepare for a grand outdoor siyum Harambam later today iyh.

Mazel Tov To Yossi Piekarski From Bogota, upon his Hanochas Tefilin celebrated today in camp, with his family and friends.

Grade 6 campers had an awesome trip all day yesterday. Following the white water rafting, they were treated to a pizza dinner in the Cavendish mall food court. They returned to camp and headed straight to sleep after mariv.

In the meantime sections A and B had special excursions here in camp. Section A enjoyed special activities including our very own in-house- bubble-soccer, a grand Ga-Ga Game, and a special ice cream bar. Section B had a late day excursion, with the entire section heading to the baseball field area. Following Mincha, they enjoyed an extra sport, swimming and a barbecue. They returned to join the rest for mariv and lights out.

Mazel Tov to Alter Diament of Montreal upon his Bar Mitzvah, celebrated here in camp with his family and friends. Lots of Nachas to the entire family.

Grade 4 campers had an amazing trip, starting off with a pizza lunch in the Cavendish mall food court, followed by jet boating in the Lachine rapids in Montreal. Grade 5 spent a long day in Ottawa with several stops along the way including, the Parliament, The Mint, Trampoline Park and a night light show. Following a picnic dinner they headed back to camp, after an incredible action packed day! Section C enjoyed a newly discovered “white water rafting” location. The rapids were fast moving and the campers had a ball!

In the meantime grade 6 enjoyed the camp grounds to themselves with special actives just for them, including extra sports! Last night, they were treated to a special Ice-cream-bar-event, set up and displayed beautifully for them by their hard work staff.

This morning grade 6 is heading out on their very special grade trip.

Have a great day!

First day of the session turned out really great bh! Once buses from NY, Montreal and the airport arrived, campers were given their bunks and enjoyed a delicious grill cheese lunch! No time was wasted once the campers settled into their new bunks, and the lake front was bustling with activity!

Last night, lights out was on time for all sections, giving our new campers a chance to catch up on the missed night’s sleep from their long “red eye” trip up here.

This morning – after Davening and breakfast, our campers are getting ready for their grade trips. Grade 5 is off to a full day trip to Ottawa. Section A, grade 4 is going jet boating, and Section C are off to some great white water rafting. We will report on their amazing day once they return iyh.

Now that the bunk and class lists have been sent by email, feel free to email your son through our site, using his bunk number and section. Our bunks are divided into sections. The sections are: Section A-grade 4, Section B- Grade 5, Section B+-grade 6, and Section C-Grade 7.   Thanks for limiting your emails to four emails a week.

It was hard to say good bye to our departing campers! Buses to the airport left bright and early yesterday morning, while Montreal and NY buses left in the evening.

This morning, we are excited to welcome our new campers coming from all over! The session begins at 11 am iyh as campers will go straight to the shul for the division of bunks followed by lunch and activities!

Tomorrow morning, the bunks and class lists will be sent to all parents by email iyh. Please hold out on sending emails to your son, or ordering birthday cakes etc. till you have your son’s bunk number. Once you receive that information, feel free to email your son through our site up to four times a week.

Looking forward to another amazing session with our campers and staff iyh!

Last night was our mini-banquet as we bid farewell to the campers leaving after first session. Our chef out did himself with a delicious Shnitzel dinner, which was enjoyed by all. Bunk Competition winners, learning class “Kluger” winners, as well as sports, were announced and rewarded accordingly.

Mazel tov to the Ezagui, Plotkin, and Benshimon families, upon their Simchas celebrated here in camp. Mazel tov To Yehoshua H. Benshimon from Iowa upon his Hanochas Tefillin; Menachem Ezagui from La Jolla, CA, upon his Bar Mitzvah; and Yakov Plotkin, from New Paltz NY,upon his Hanochas Tefillin. Lots of Nachas to all the celebrating families.

First Session Bus arrival reminders:
Montreal bus- Yeshiva 6405 Westbury – 9:00 pm Monday July 29, 2019.

NY bus – corner of President & Kingston – Tuesday July 30, 2109 at approximately 8:00 am. We will do our best to keep you posted by email.

The last Shabbos of the first session was quite special! Campers were up bright and early to partake in the Shabbos-Mevorchim-Tehillim and the rewards involved in showing up early; followed by a lively dining room-including many farewell songs as we began saying good-bye to our departing campers; mishanyos- bal-peh and seder nigunim. Many bunks worked really hard to win Shabbos Competition. Our lucky winners, bunks Yud and Chof Gimmel. Both winning bunks are heading out to go karting today – as the reward for an amazing Shabbos!

Last night, campers in sections B+ and C were treated a special Shnitzel Event! A great start to another amazing week here in camp!

The buses rolled into camp, last night, after an amazing day at six-flags-La-Ronde-Amusement Park! Campers and staff enjoyed every minute in the park, on the many rides and roller coaster, they knew so well – and several new attractions that were added for this year!  Everyone met for Mincha and a delicious pizza & fries dinner, outside the park. They returned to enjoy the rides till closing time.  They were each given a freshly baked “black and white cookie” as they lined up to board the buses back to camp. BH for an incredible grand trip day!

Camp was treated to a late revile this morning, to help everyone catch up on some much needed sleep.

In the meantime the masmidim enjoyed our quiet grounds, including a lakeside barbecue and water front activities.

Looking forward to an amazing Shabbos, our last Shabbos of first session; as we sadly bid farewell to our departing campers.

Have a good Shabbos.

After a day of races, team songs, mishnayos bal peh and so much more; Bog War ended last night with the conclusion of the third play. Campers thoroughly enjoyed watching all their plays and are anxiously waiting to hear who the winner is.

Early this morning, following davening and breakfast, campers of all departments of camp, loaded the buses for the grand trip of the season. BH the weather continues to cooperate with us, and we are looking forward to an amazing trip-day today! This special trip is the only one, with all departments of camp together!

Our waiters were treated to their very own outing – a go karting trip. A nice time for them to relax and enjoy.

Masmidim enjoyed a special bon fire last night, prepared for them in the woods by their devoted staff.

Mazel tov to Baruch Paris from Crown Heights and Mendel Danzinger from Russia, upon their Bar Mitzvahs today, celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Mazel tov and lots of Nachas to both families.