After an incredible Shabbos Nachamu, Section C was shocked at the lavish event arranged for them by their staff. The room was exquisitely set up, with colored doughnuts and drinks for each camp, along with an unlimited amount of colorful candies, ice cream, and waffles. They enjoyed the great program and kid friendly menu!

On to a great visiting day-with our in house, choir and acrobats. CGI thanks Levi Polichenco and Mendel Goldman for arranging the choir, Shneiky Minsky for the music, and Yossi Rosenblum for the acrobats. The animals from Reptizoo, were a great addition to our day, as our visiting families and campers got to enjoy the interactive presentation. Thanks to all those who came from far and near, to visit and experience the amazing grounds we get to enjoy.

After an amazing visiting day, campers were excited to resume to the exciting camp schedule! A full day of sports ended with the break out of color war, and the division of teams. We wish both teams of “Zaroy B’Chaim” and “Hu B’Chaim” and Generals Mendel Chein and Levi Cunin, along with all their staff, best of luck in this tight war. After team time, and song presentations, campers are excited for both theme plays later this evening.

Six Flags La Ronde Amusement park was enjoyed by section C all day! Under a cool, sunny sky, the boys loved the amazing new rides and roller coasters the park had to offer. Following a marvelous day, they were treated to a restaurant dinner in the Cavendish mall food court. The campers returned late last night and were treated to a much needed late revile this morning.

After a great day of activities, grade 6 were surprised with a special “baguette event” prepare just from them by their staff.

We look forward to greeting all parents on this upcoming Sunday, August 18, 2019 for our second visiting day. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all visitors with the schedule below.

1:00 pm      Line Up (parents are welcome to watch)
1:20 pm      Campers’ Lunch
2:30 pm      Camper &  Staff Performance
6:00 pm      Visiting Day Ends
6:30 pm      Learning Classes Begin


As the buses were pulling in after overnights, campers unpacked showered and rested after an incredible overnight and trip.

While they were settling in, section C was occupied in building, painting, costume making, song and speech writing, in preparation for their very own grand sing. Campers of all three teams of “Adoneinu”, “Moreinu” and “Rabbeinu” gave it their all! The grand sing, was a site to see; lebedik, and intense, with a warm feeling of Achdus!

Section C did not waste any time, and were off – bright and early this morning, on another amazing trip.

A beautiful sunny day here in camp, welcomes a full day of sports and water activities for the rest of camp.

We would like to suggest, that at this point of the season, you stop sending letters or packages to camp from the states, as they may arrive after camp is over. We have had quite a few of these situations in the past years, and wanted to give parents advance warning. As you are well aware, this Sunday is visiting day; a great opportunity to bring or send your son any last minute things you may want him to have.

While Section C was heavily involved in an intense Bunk War; including great songs, plays and all the rest; the rest of camp emptied out!

It started off with the section B leaving camp before lunch for their trip to paint ball shooting. After lunch, the rest of camp met them at the overnight site, and began unpacking, and setting up their tents and sleeping bags, for what turned out to be an Amazing overnight – under a clear starry sky! Following a delicious hot dog dinner, campers and staff sat round the fire in song! The atmosphere was electric!

Early this morning, following davening and breakfast, section A headed to their Rope course trip, while section B+ went Paint ball shooting.

Campers will be given, unpacking, shower, and rest time upon their return to camp iyh.

Mazel tov To Shmuel Eisenbach from Waterbury CT, upon his Hanochas Tefillin, celebrated here in camp with family and friends.

The shul was roaring with excitement – as all departments of camp; Sections A, B, B+, C and Masmidim enjoyed the lively concert performed by Baruch S. Blesofsky along with Musician Fitche benshimon. The lights, the action, the dancing and the singing, were a site to see! CGI Thanks the two talented performers for taking the long trip to camp for this incredible event.

Section C, was shocked with the break out of Bunk War following the concert. Campers quickly ran to their Zal for the division of teams and general entrances. For the next 2 days, Section C will be totally immersed in this intense war between the three teams. Best of luck to all the teams.

Once again, our hardworking staff, were given a token of appreciation with a grand steak-barbecue- event last night. The head staff prepared a lavish menu of mini burgers, steaks, Chicken and beef skewers, homemade rolls, and so much more. The event went on late into the night and was enjoyed by all with a great feeling of Achdus.

This morning bunks Alef and Yud Beis went Go-Karting, as a reward for winning “Shabbos competition” last Shabbos!  Congratulations to the hardworking bunks!

Overnights are in the air! Campers are excited to get packing and out, after lunch today! Looking forward to an exciting overnight and trip for campers in sections A, B and B+.