Shabbos tisha bav was a special Shabbos here in camp. The dining room farbrengens were warm and inspiring as the head counselors shared pertinent stories and Divrei Torah followed by lively and meaningful songs. Every bunk was involved throughout Shabbos. During Shalosh Seudos, the staff burst into the dining room in dance, following their Farbrengen. The entire camp joined as they danced to the niggun Hakofas. May this be our last Tisha B’av ever!

During the day of Tisha b’av a grand camper/counselor game of baseball took place! Always a highlight! We were thrilled to break our fast on the delicious supper of; pea soup, pizza, salad, corn on the cob, cake and melon. A loud cheer was heard when laundry was announced. Following Marriv campers were excited to run to their bunks for the special “treat” of  sorting their laundry.

Under a sunny sky we are enjoying a great day of sports, water activities and swimming. Looking forward to our special in house E tonight after our first “fleishig” dinner!

It was a day of anticipation as campers anxiously waited for the grand staff outdoor play. They watched with excitement as buildings were put up, and props and backdrops were painted. Following a day of sports and activities, all sections and divisions of camp, gathered around the kick ball field, which was transformed into an old city in Spain. Campers were treated to bagged popcorn and drinks, as they were taken back in time, to a time – that living openly as a Jew was not easily accepted. They laughed, they cheered, and they enjoyed; watching their staff and head staff unfold an intense storyline. The achdus of all departments working together was remarkable.

This morning everyone is treated to a later revile, preparing us for another amazing Shabbos here in CGI. Good Shabbos.

The excitement in camp has been nonstop. Starting yesterday and continuing into today, campers are experiencing the three activities that have been set up in camp. Between the Archery, Lazer tag and Bazooka it has been nonstop fun! Teams were divided by classes this time, (verses bunks,) and supervised by the learning teachers. All three activities were thoroughly enjoyed by campers of all ages!

Last night many campers enjoyed special “events” which were creatively prepared for them by their staff. Section B+ made their own pizza, which was then enjoyed with fries and drinks. Section C made their pizza from scratch – including the dough, and had amazing results. A great time was enjoyed by all.

Early this morning, the bunks that were treated to a runaway were bunks Tes (across the lake) and bunks Yud ches and Yud Tes (in La Minerve). They returned to camp – ready to join the rest of camp for cleanup and learning classes.

The staff play fever is in the air! Campers can feel the excitement as the staff are hard at work, building props, preparing costumes and practicing acts! The kickball field is being transformed into a multi- stage-arena. Looking forward to our annual staff play later tonight iy”h.

Following a day of intense sports, our campers were treated to a special presentation. Campers of all sections filled the shul to watch the grand Masmidim play. Congratulations to our Masmidim on a job well done! Campers returned to their bunks, enthused by the lessons learned from watching the Masmidim in action.

Section B (grade 5) campers were surprised with a special “pizza event” last night. They were shocked to see the decorated room, with tons of food, set up just for them. A great time was enjoyed by all! l

When all was still, and campers were fast asleep, our hardworking staff were once again treated to an evening of appreciation. The head staff prepared a lavish pizza-pasta-soup buffet, which was enjoyed late into the night. Staff had an amazing time together, as they were appreciated for their hard work.

Today, the bunks that were chosen for runaways across the lake, were bunks ches and yud beis. Bunks Chof Beis and Yud Zayin were treated to a getaway to La Minerve with breakfast and sports.

Early this morning, a truck carrying special equipment drove down the hill. Our in-house special activities are being set out around camp. Campers are excited to join the fun, as each camper will have the opportunity to enjoy “laser tag”, “archery” and “Bazooka”, on our very own grounds!

Mazel tov to Yisroel Andrusier from Cooper City Florida, upon his bar mitzvah; and to Shmulie Winner from Tucson Arizona, upon his Hanochas Tefillin. Both Simchas were celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Wishing lots of Nachas to both families.


CGI joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Siyum H’Rambam here in camp. The Masmidim outdid themselves with the great out door set up, including huge posters, torches, and a Beis Hamikdash replica. Rabbi Wagner made the actual Siyum, Niggunim were sung, Pesukim recited, and “accapella” staff choir was enjoyed, and Rabbi Avtzon shared his greetings with the campers and did the Hascholas H’ Rambam. The event ended with fire balloons being let out into the sky, corresponding to the Seforim of the Rambam.

Early this morning, bunks were treated to runaways out of camp. Bunk Hey went across the lake for a special picnic breakfast; and bunks Vov and Zayin went to the little village of  La Minerve for breakfast, sports and shopping.

Mazel Tov to Mendy Slavin from Montreal upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with his family and friends. Wishing lots of nachas to the entire family!