Special breakfasts

Yesterday, Section C was treated to a special breakfast-event prepared for them by their hardworking staff. A lavish breakfast spread was prepared in a beautifully decorated dining room with a special menu just for them!

This morning, the entire staff are invited to their very own “breakfast staffe”’ – giving them some time to relax, farbreng,  and enjoy being together, with a perfect breakfast menu. Pictures to follow.  

Second month great start!

First day of second session took off with a great start bh. All buses arrived from NY, Montreal, Toronto and the airport within record timing BH. Campers were introduced to their new bunkmates and helped one another settle in. With no time to waste, we enjoyed a full day of great activities under a perfectly sunny sky! Learning classes were introduced and settled in as well. The sounds of learning was heard throughout camp as campers adjusted to their new classes really well bh.

Feel free to email your son through our website, be sure to indicate his bunk number based on the email you received yesterday. We do our best to distribute all emails once a day.

Calling days begin once again today, based on the calling day schedule posted on our site. Please understand, your son is not forced to call and he may choose to miss some of his calling opportunities. We do our best to provide every bunk with the time needed for each camper to call home. We have a devoted staff member assist with the calling and help capers that are in need of assistance.

Mazel Tov to Mendy Pels upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with family and friend.

Mazel Tov to Shalom Dovber Abrahams upon his bar mitzvah celebrated here in camp with lots of family coming from far and near and his bunkmates.

Lots of nachas to both families

Switching sessions today – no calling today

Last night’s mini banquet was quite lively, emotional and of course tasty. Our kitchen staff outdid themselves with the delicious lasagna dinner! Most bunks celebrated with special late nights and good by celebrations for their departing friends.

Early this morning our new campers have begun arriving in camp with the Toronto bus and NY bus being the first to pull in.  The new session will begin once the buses pull out to the airport, NY and Montreal iyh and the rest of our buses arrive. 

There will be no calling today. Campers will be assigned to their new bunks before lunch  and will have some time to settle in. Each parent will receive an email this evening with his son’s bunk list and class list, including counselors and teachers. Please take note of the bunk number.  Once you have the new list, you can check our website for the calling schedule. Campers are not forced to call, but are given the opportunity to do so.

Looking forward to another amazing session here in CGI!

Last Shabbos first month

The last Shabbos of first session was very special, as camp songs were sung and we sadly began bidding farewell to our departing campers.  The hardworking winners of Shabbos competition are off to go karting today, bunks Yud Alef, Chof Alef and Chof gimmel.

Early this morning, a sea-plane landed at our docks. All campers in the winning bunks of bunk competition and learning-class competition were rewarded with an invigorating flight over our grounds, lake and the surrounding areas! Our lucky bunk competition winners were bunks Daled, Yud and Yud Tes. Learning class competition winners were: Rabbi Cohen’s class, Rabbi Haim’s class, and Rabi Ezaqui’s class. In section C, Kevutzh yud won the ride for clean-up-competition, and for Kluger competition Rabbi Avi Cunin’s learning class.

Early this morning bunk Yud Daled were treated to a runaway boat ride across the lake, with breakfast and tubing. 

Today, Sunday, we are busy with kluger and league finals; both are quite exciting and tough competitions.

If your son is coming home at the end of first session, please notice your email reminder, for his return details at the end of the session.

Grand Trip – no calling day today

Bog war ended last night after we enjoyed three amazing plays! Campers went to sleep last night after an amazing day with a lot of Toichen and entertainment to digest!

Early this morning following davening and a delicious breakfast, campers were loaded onto the buses for a full day grand trip.   We will not have Calling day today! Please don’t wait to hear from your son.


Bog War is here! The two day peaceful war has brought out the best spirit in each campers and staff member. The davenings, line ups, songs and benching are being heard way beyond our grounds. Member of all three teams, Eidus, Chukim and Mishpatim, have been enjoying the scavengers, songs, races and IYH today grand plays of all three teams.

Calling time is on as usual; however if you miss the call from your son, please understand he may have felt too busy to get to the phone. No camper is forced to call during calling day, but they are offered the opportunity.

Mazel Tov to Shneur Zalman Gerlitzky and Mendy Brod for their Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Lots of Chassidish Nachas to both families!

Section C, had a very special event last night, royally prepared for them by their devoted staff. The outdoor “Shishkabab” event was enjoyed by all!

Masmidim took a well-deserved brief break out of camp, on a great trip to rope course- S. Sauveur!

Twins From France

Always nice to have the “Twins-from-France” back in La Minerve! Last night the in house entertainment had all sections of camp fully involved in the amazing act they performed! The achdus and Chayus in the shul were tangible! Browse pictures for more on the great entertainment!


Staff Appreciation Night & Shabbos Competition Winners

Our hardworking staff were treated to an enjoyable “evening-of appreciation” last night. After a great pizza dinner in the Cavendish mall food court, the staff enjoyed their relaxing time together in the great pools and hot tubs at the “Strom Spa Nordique”. Here in camp, campers were sure to be at their best behavior, as the head staff kept them very busy with supper, sports and a smooth lights out.

Early this morning bunk Beis were off to their very own runaway across the lake, enjoying breakfast and tubing!

After a lively Shabbos, with many bunks coming really close, the winners of Shabbos competition are, Bunks Daled, Yud Gimmel, Yud Daled, and Tes Vov. Congratulations to all the hardworking campers and staff involved! Bunk Daled were treated to banana boating on our very own lake, and the others are leaving to Go-Karting following lunch today iyh.

Motze Shabbos news

Another beautiful lively Shabbos in camp BH! Following Shabbos the entire section B+ (grade 6) was treated to a special late night of “Make your own pizza”. Our young chefs had a great time preparing and then enjoying their delicacy.

Section C had a grand all-star game last night; after campers voted in the top 16 players for this fierce basketball game. Stay tuned for pictures shortly iyh.  

Mazel Tov to Ari Hoch upon his hanochas tefillin celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Lots of chassidish nachas to the entire family.

Talmid Hashuvua!

Last night section C bochurim that worked hard on their Hatomim were rewarded with a special sushi event. Campers were seen rolling and spreading and slicing their very own sushi!

For our early morning runaways, bunk Yud tes and chof gimmel went across the lake for tubing and breakfast, and bunk Yud went to La belle for biking! A great outing for all!

 Below is a list of the Talmud Hashuvua for our learning classes in sections A, B and B+. Lots of nachas!

1 Mendel Fine 

2 Michoel Duboff 

3 Levi Caraton 

4 Shaya Bukiet 

5 Moshe Holtzberg 

6 Levi Bleich 

7 Moshe drew 

8 Levi Greenberg

9 Mendel Peles 

10 Mendel Volovic 

11 Yisroel Minkowitz 

12 Ari Rskin 

13 Dovber Vilenkin 

14 Shneur Zalman laufer 

15 Mordechai Kozliner 

16 Yehudah Rapoport

17 Yossi Fisher 

19 Yaakov Marcus 

20 Menachem Beitch 

21 Moshe Newman 

22 Moshe Mellul 

23 Moshe Groner 

24 Shimon Friedman 

25 Mendel Mintz 

26 Shmuly Baron 

27 Yaakov Moshe Friedman 


Looking forward to another great Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Good Shabbos!