Trip Day!

Mazel Tov to Yossi Rubashkin upon his Hanochas tefilin celebrated here in camp with his father and friends. Lots of Chaddishe Nachas to the entire Rubashkin family!  

Campers had a great trip day yesterday – all return excited to share the excitement of their day.

Section A, were in Laval – Dark-Zone playing some great laser tag!  Section B (grade 5) went paintball shooting at a great new location. And section B+ (grade 6) were at another paintball location. BH all the trips turned out to be amazing and the spirit last night at supper was incredible.

In the meantime, section C had our lovely grounds to themselves and enjoyed the lakefront and sports field. Last night Section C enjoyed a lavish chicken barbecue in the baseball field, beautifully prepared for them by their devoted staff!

We will do our best to make up for missed calls yesterday, but cannot guarantee! Thanks for understanding!    

Staff Appreciation night!

A night in China was this week’s “staff’e” theme. Staff enjoyed the Chinese set up and lavish Chinese menu! A Chinese themed game was played followed by dancing! The achdus was enjoyed by all!

During the fast campers enjoyed basic activities with the help of the devoted fasting staff. We ended our fast with a delicious dinner of home baked cake, soup, lasagna, corn, salad and melon! Thanks to the amazing kitchen staff for the perfect break-fast meal!

This morning campers of grades 3-6  are off on trips. Please understand that calling times will be off today as campers are not in camp. Details to follow tomorrow iyh.


Thanks for visiting

Thanks for the wonderful, packed visiting day! Campers were really happy to swing right back into camp mode.

Section C were off on their trip yesterday with half of the campers enjoying rope course, and the others paintball shooting. Camper had a great day of sports and water activities and of course learning classes.

Mazel Tov to Yechezkel Wilschanski upon his hanochas tefillin celebrated here in camp with his family and friends.

Visiting day today!

After a lively, inspiring Shabbos , we look forward to greeting our family and friends here in camp today, Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Schedule reminder: Line up 1:00 pm, Lunch 1:30 PM, Visiting hours: 2:00-6:00 pm, Learning classes: 6:30 pm

Please view the visiting day email for more details.

Safe travels!

Yud Beis Tammuz

After a sunny day of sports (see pictures) and great activities, we celebrated Yud Beis with a big farbrengen in the dining room following supper last night. Staff were treated to their very own farbrengen with Rabbi Zaltsman.

Mazel Tov to Dovber Laufer upon his bar mitzvah, celebrated here in camp this morning with his family and friends.

Looking forward to greeting our guests on this Sunday, July 9, for visiting day.

Have a good Shabbos.

In House E & Section C Mivtzah Hatomim

After a great day of sports wearing our new CGI color coded league caps, and lots of lake activities, CGI enjoyed our second amazing in-house-E! Mr. Russel, coming all the way from Virginia had us at the edge of seats with his fascinating mind reading and exciting sword swallowing show!

Our masmidim took a brief break to enjoy the S. Sauveur Go karting! Always a nice outing!

Section C have an ongoing “Mivtzah” knows as “Hatomim” where campers keep track of their daily progress in various areas and are rewarded weekly for the efforts. Last night, 102 Section C bochurim were rewarded for their hard work with a special event – bringing them back to “Brooklyn” – of course lots of Brooklyn food was lavishly displayed and enjoyed. Be sure to discuss the Mivtzah –  Hatomim with your son when you visit on Sunday iyh.

Early this morning bunks vov and yud zayin were out on their special runaways. Bunk Vov in La belle biking and bunk Yud Zayin tubing across the lake.  

Looking forward to another great day here in CGI!

Never a dull moment!

Under a sunny sky, campers enjoyed a great day on the lake! In the meantime grade 5 were out for their “grade trip” to enjoy bowling followed by Darkzone lazer tag! Campers enjoyed the packed day off camp grounds and returned late to enjoy a delicious meatball & spaghetti dinner and join the rest of camp for night activity.

 Section C returned late in the evening from their trips. The section is divided in 2 so that campers alternate between two trips – one this week and the other next iyh. Half the section were enjoying a great rope course in S. Savuer while the other half were playing paint ball. Both groups returned last night with lots to report on the amazing day bh.

Last night, campers had a great outdoor night activity of capture the flag!

Following night activity some bunks were treated to late nights. Bubble socker is back! Campers from bunk Tes-vov  got to enjoy the first special late night as they rolled and ran playing this hysterical game .

This morning, some campers had an early start with special “runaways” carefully arranged by the staff. Bunk Yud ches had their runaway on the other side of lake with breakfast and tubing, while grade tes zayin were off to La-Belle for breakfast and some biking.   

Section A Grade Trip and more

Section A (bunk Alef – Vov, grades 3 & 4) had a great trip yesterday to Isaute – where campers enjoyed lots of climbing and jumping. They returned to camp just in time to join us for a delicious schnitzel dinner – thoroughly enjoyed by all! Much thanks to our amazing chef, Yisroel Turk for keeping everyone well fed with delicious and nutritious meals!

Our hardworking staff were treated to the first “staff’e” of the summer. A festive event was prepared for them including club sandwiches with all the trimmings beautifully displayed! The atmosphere was magical and the program was great, including a grand game of “heads up” involving all the staff in great achdus!

Campers have been enjoying early morning runaways – across the lake, where they enjoy a picnic breakfast, boat ride and tube rides. This week bunks Ches, Chof Gimmel and Chof each had their chance to “run away”. Great way to start an amazing day!

What a day!

CGI warmly welcomes Rabbi Wagner and his yeshiva to camp. Our Masmidim are a constant example for all of us. We look forward to a very successful program iyh.

Under partially sunny skies campers enjoyed a great day of activities; sports, boating and all the rest. The lake beamed with color as campers enjoyed a long awaited day out on the water!

Our first grade trip was off yesterday! Grade 6 were out all day for a great trip to white water rafting! A great time was enjoyed by all and they returned to join the camp for a delicious dinner of burger and fries with all the trimmings!

When all was still last night section C was treated to a very special event – prepared by the staff and head staff. The special schnitzel evening called “Welcome To Israel” was a chance for each camper in section C to feel and taste Israel with all the props and backdrops  added by our staff!  

Please view the calling schedule once again, as there have been some time changes. We will do our best to help campers catch up on missed calls, when necessary. 

Thanks to our wonderful photographers and office staff the pictures are up and running. Feel free to browse them daily and enjoy the excitement here in CGI!

Section A is out today on their special grade trip. Stay tuned for details tomorrow iyh.

Visiting Day Bus

We look forward to greeting visitors to camp on Sunday July 9 for our first visiting day.

Hymans bus service will be providing visitors with a round trip bus service from New York.

Please contact Hymans directly for all details; time, location, price etc. at: (718) 387-2114 or  (514) 271 6627