What a spectacular visiting day! Thanks to all those that took the long trip to visit! Campers really enjoyed giving tours of the grounds and sharing our newest addition, our waterpark!

It did not take long for camp to get back to normal, following a very exciting day. After learning classes and mincha, each division in camp was treated to a special outdoor cookout-barbecue prepared just for them.  The barbecue was followed by several all-star games. Section A-basketball, Section B- football, Section B+-football and section C – basketball!  Another special evening here in CGI!

We look forward to greeting the extended CGI family on this Sunday, July 8 for our first visiting day! Parents, please check your email for details regarding parking, tipping, canteen and more. All times sent out to parents are in city time. Visiting day starts at 1:00 pm with lineup, followed by campers’ lunch. You are welcome to join for line up and watch your son in action.  Visiting day ends at 6:00 pm and learning classes begin at 6:30. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all parents with our visiting schedule! Looking forward. Have a good Shabbos.

After a day of sports and lakefront activities all the campers gathered in the shul for a general learning class, followed by supper and night activity. The staff were treated to a staff appreciation evening out of camp. Our hardworking, devoted staff loaded the buses, and headed to Montreal for some time to relax and enjoy. After a delicious dinner in the Cavendish mall food court, they set out to the spa and enjoyed the pools and saunas the spa had to offer, all while the head staff gave our campers an amazing evening here in camp. Staff returned refreshed, relaxed and enthusiastic to be back at their posts!

Buses were coming and going all day yesterday. Following lunch, sections A, B and B+ ran to their bunks to pack up for their first overnight of the summer. Under a clear sky, in nice warm temperature, the campers set up their sleeping bags to enjoy an amazing overnight under the stars. After a delicious barbecue dinner, they sat around singing, listening to stories and lots of “farbrenging”.

Early this morning, following an outdoor breakfast and davening, they headed to the buses to enjoy an amazing water park. Campers had an incredible time, on the slides, pools and lots of waves. They will be heading back to camp for showers and some well-deserved rest.

In the meantime, section C were out on their trip, once again alternating between rope course and paint ball shooting, giving each camper the opportunity to experience both. After a great barbecue dinner, they headed back to camp to enjoy a good swim in our beautiful indoor pool!

While all this is happening, the Masmidim got to enjoy the grounds to themselves. They enjoyed some great water activities on our magnificent lake, and had a lavish outdoor barbecue. It was an awesome  day for all bh!   

Mazel Tov to Moshe Butman celebrating his bar mitzvah in camp today, surrounded by his family and friends. Mazel tov to the entire family!

Following a great Shabbos campers eagerly awaited the announcement with the winners of Shabbos Competition. One bunk in each division is chosen as the winner for their behavior over Shabbos, including, davening, benching, Chayos and general cooperation throughout Shabbos.  The winners are rewarded with a trip. This week’s Shabbos competition winners were bunks Hey, Yud and Tes Vov!

Campers were very excited to enjoy a day in camp with lots of sports, lake and pool activities.

Last night, after night activity, bunk Ches was treated to a late night with the special privilege of enjoying the very popular game room. Bunk Yud had a late night with a game of “Bubble Soccer”. Rabbi Ezagui’s learning class enjoyed playing in the computer room as their special late night.

Another beautiful Shabbos here in CGI! The Shabbos Seudahs were transformed into “Chassidishe Farbrengens” as the head -ounselors inspired us all with brief stories and insights followed by lively songs and niggunim. Rabbi B. Mockin lead his traditional nigunim and was then joined by all! Mishnayis bal peh was quite busy all afternoon, and campers were seen enjoying their sweet rewards!  This was followed by seder nigunim, mincha and shalahs seudos – highlighted by our all famous “Shmaryunki”.

Last night, there was a special pizza Melava Malka for all “fasters”, in preparation for the long fast today! May it be an easy fast and the last of its kind!

For all concerned, yes we are also experiencing a heat wave here in La Minerve. Of course, being up north, and near the water, it is a lot milder. Please remember, all our bunks and main shuls, dining rooms etc. are well air conditioned Bh.  We look forward to using our lake as much as possible, and of course drinking a lot of water!  

This morning, bright and early bunk yud gimmel was boated across the lake for an amazing runaway, including davening, breakfast and tubing.

57 Bochurim from section C are heading out this morning for a go-karting trip followed by a special picnic breakfast! The trip is a reward for their hard work last Shabbos.  All these bochurim learnt over 16 lines of Tanya bal Peh! Lots of Chassidishe nachas!

Last night after a great day of sports and water activities, all departments of camp filed into the shul filling up every corner of every bleacher to enjoy our second in-house-E of the summer. James the Magician came all the way from Toronto to entertain us all – leaving campers wondering “how did he do that?”

After lights out, when all was still, our hardworking staff were treated to another amazing staffe’ salad night, professionally prepared by our head staff! They were treated to a special presentation by “James” including some hysterical pick pocketing act. ! Staff ended the day rejuvenated and ready to continue with their shlichus in camp!

Section B+ were out all day for their amazing grade trip! They enjoyed bowling followed by iSaute Trampoline Park.  They returned last evening full of smiles after an amazing outing bh!

Even our masmidim had their turn to get out and enjoy some go-karting!  

Here in camp the lake front and all the sports playing fields were buzzing with nonstop activity. Leagues took off to a great start and campers are really giving it their best!

Grade trips continued with grade 5- section B. They enjoyed a very full day out of camp which included bowling followed by “Darkzone Laval”-  Laser tag!

Section C alternate between Rope-course, and Paintball-shooting trips to accommodate the size of the program. Half went to rope course yesterday, and the other half went paintball shooting. IYH next week, they will each have a chance to go on the trip they missed this week. Following the trips all the bochurim were treated to an amazing barbecue prepared by their staff!

Grade 6 had a special evening event with a lakeside barbecue just for them!  


Yesterday, bunks “vov” and “yud beis” were treated to a runaway on the other side of the lake. The runaway includes an exciting tube ride with our speed boat! Bunk “Yud” had a special late night last night with a great game of our “bubble soccer”.  

Grade trips have begun. Section A was off to a great trip of “Rock Climbing” At Horizon in Montreal. Campers had a great time, climbing and jumping in the beautiful indoor adventure park.

They returned in time to join the rest of camp for a delicious shnitzel dinner. In a dining room full of white shirts, Yud Beis Tammuz was felt, with a fargrengen of niggunim and exceptional talk by Rabbi Wagner.