Yesterday, the sky cleared just when we were ready to get on the playing fields. After a few small rain showers, the sun came out just in time for our campers to enjoy an amazing afternoon of great sports and water activities.

Our hardworking, devoted staff were treated to an evening out, while the head staff did a great job at replacing them all here in camp. After a delicious dinner at Pizza Pita they headed to the private spa for some well deserved relaxation. They returned to camp energized and ready to continue giving our campers all they got.

We look forward to greeting our family and friends here in camp on this upcoming Sunday for visiting day.  Details have been sent by email.

Have a great shabbos!

Last night was quite exciting here in camp! The entire camp filled the shul for a great show put up by Hypnotist Alan Ferlan. Staff volunteered and campers cheered and laughed; was quite entertaining and exciting.  Campers  returned to their bunks after an amazing show and an amazing day BH.

Section C had a special late night salad night! A lavish spread was prepared with all the trimmings; with great unity a great time was enjoyed by all. They were treated to a well deserved late morning after their busy night last night.

This morning bright and early, bunks alef and beis had their very own runaway. Our youngest campers sneaked out of camp along with their counselors for a great time. They returned to camp following breakfast to join for learning classes.

CGI is honored to welcome Rabbi Wagner along with his talmidim as our masmidim in camp. Looking forward to a season a learning on our wonderful grounds iyh! Lots of Hatzlacha!

Section C returned last night after an amazing trip. The section was split in half, half went to rope course, and the other half to paintball shooting (will alternate again next week so that every camper has a chance to do both). They returned to camp for a grand barbecue followed by late evening sports and more. It was another great day for our section C campers bh!

Many bunks enjoyed special late nights last night including the computer room, a grand gaga game, dodge balls and two minutes free in canteen.

This morning – bright and early bunks Tes, Yud Zayin and Chof beis were off camp grounds for a runaway. Buns Tes ran to the other side of the lake for a picnic breakfast and tubing while the others were driven to La Belle. Campers all returned to camp on time for learning classes.

CGI would like to wish the Dalfin family mazel tov upon Yanky’s Bar Mitzvah celebrated here in Camp with family and friends BH. We look forward to celebrating many bar mitzvahs and hanochas tefillin here in camp throughout the summer iyh. Lots of Nachas!

Section A were out of camp yesterday for their amazing grade trip to Rock-climbing Horizon. Their trip started off with a picnic lunch, followed by some really good climbing and finished off with a trip to Pizza- Pita for pizza, fries and ice cream. Campers returned to camp all smiles after an amazing outing bh.

In the meantime, grade 5 left camp after lunch for their own special grade trip to Darkzone Lazer Tag. Campers were surprised when they were then told they are heading off to bowling and then for a delicious barbecue. Campers returned late last evening after a great time. This morning campers were treated to a late revile to help them catch up on some well deserved sleep.

While camp was a bit quieter and emptier, grade six used the opportunity to enjoy a great game of “Escape From Russia” . A great time was enjoyed by all as they ran through the entire camp.

Last night, when all was still, our hardworking staff members were treated to an evening of appreciation, with a lavish salad bar with all the trimmings. Thanks to the hard working head staff and kitchen staff for making this amazing event possible.

We are pleased to share our list of campers that excelled in learning class the first week of camp.”Talmid hashavuah” are campers that were chosen as being the best in the class for the week, and “Chayal hashavuo” have shown great progress. Lots of nachas! We look forward to share good news about your son here in camp iyh.

תלמיד השבוע חייל השבוע
Rabbi Amzallag Levi Schmerling Ari Light
Rabbi Polter Yankel Lieberman Mendel Greenberg
Rabbi Zweibel Nochum Gurevitch Mendy Goodman
Rabbi Chaim Bentzion Werde Levi Blotner
Rabbi Friedman Ari Raskin Mendy Traurig
Rabbi Krinsky Yehudah Rappaport Shaya Simon
Rabbi Schwey Shua Lieberman Dovid Cunin
Rabbi Cohen Dovid Eber Yossi Slavin
Rabbi Geizinsky Sholom Francis Dovid Deitch
Rabbi Moshe Gurary Shmuly Paris Shimon Friedman
Rabbi Shmuel Gurary Zalmy Hirsch Chezky Langzam
Rabbi Gurkow Mendel Mintz Simcha Feurstien
Rabbi Lavner Yosef Volfman Zalman Teichtel
Rabbi Marozow Moshe Groner Sholom Traurig
Rabbi Tiechtel Ruvi Donin Sholom Mordechei Rosenblum
Rabbi Greenbaum Shraga Kaplan Yossi Rubashkin
Rabbi Kremer Mendel Lein Mendel Korer
Rabbi Mendel Gurary Yisroel Gershon Levin Shmuel Finkelman
Rabbi Korf Sadya Smetana Zevi Barnett
Rabbi Nemenow Ahron Munitz Ari Eliezrie
Rabbi Swued Sholom Block Sholom Ber Cohen
Rabbi Vogel Mendel Berkowitz Dovid Geisinsky
Rabbi Katzman Schneur Zalman Sterenberg Mendel Fuss
Rabbi Oster Tzviki Cohen Peretz Mockin
Rabbi Schapiro Shloime Richler Ya’akov Potash
Rabbi Chaikin Avremi Volvovsky Mendel Miller
Rabbi Gerlitzky Shmuli Lesches Mendel Lison