Following sports league drafts, campers are enjoying every moment of sports. Every playing fields  in camp has been used throughout all the  activities; including our newly paved basketball court! Campers seem really happy to spend a few days on camp grounds enjoying what boys like most, sports!

Don’t miss our new addition of water tag as you view our latest pictures. A great activity enjoyed by our campers in honor of the nine days.

Stay tuned for pictures to follow “a day in camp” coming soon.

Dinner was nice and early last night so that we can enjoy our last fleishig  supper before shkiah, in preparation for the nine days ahead.  Campers then headed to the shul for in incredible in house entertainment by the world famous Marc Salem! The talented mentalist had us all laughing and wondering how he did it all. Another great event in CGI.

Have a good shabbos.


Buses pulled in throughout the evening, returning very happy campers from their special grade trips.

Section A (grades 3 & 4) had a great time in the old port of Montreal on the rodeo-fast-moving-speed-boat. They  then enjoyed activities at the beautiful port. For dinner they headed to “Chai-Center” for a special barbecue. Thanks to the “Chai-Center” shluchim for welcoming us so warmly.

Grade 5 campers, better known as “section B” had a fun-filled day in Ottawa. They started off at the Canadian-Mint, for a full tour; followed by some great  jumping at the Ottawa-Trampoline-park and ended their day at the famous “light show”. Campers returned late last night after an  incredible day!

Section B+, Grade 6 campers enjoyed ice skating in Montreal. They then headed to the amazing Pizza-Pita restaurant for a delicious dinner.

It was a perfect hot summer day for white water rafting. Section C braved the rapids and enjoyed every moment of the great outdoors. Delicious pizza was delivered to the site and was enjoyed by the hungry campers as they got off their rafts.

This morning all sections were treated to a later revile following the amazing exhausting day. Sports, swimming and water activities have been going full force. The lake front is buzzing with non stop activities as campers enjoy all our boats and activities on this sunny, hot summer day!

Second session is sure off to a great start BH.

After a good night’s sleep our new campers have adjusted really nicely and have caught on to their new surroundings extremely fast!

Today, Wednesday, all sections of camp are heading out for a special grade trip-each grade to another location. We hope to share details and pictures upon their return IYH. Campers were up bright and early for davening and breakfast and are heading out for a full day trip.

Calling day and email distribution will be rescheduled for another day as campers enjoy their time away.


All buses have safely arrived bh and campers headed to the shul for bunk divisions followed by a delicious falafel lunch. Smiling faces were seen around camp as campers assist their new friends in settling in. Activities took off to a great start – with no time to waste, campers are already enjoying sports as well as water activities!

Later this evening parents will be receiving the list of bunks and learning classes; including counselors and learning teachers. Once that is received, you are free to email your son through our website. Please be sure to specify the correct bunk number in order to have it properly delivered to your son. You can also check the calling schedule located on the homepage of our site, to know which day of the week you can expect a call from your son.

Looking forward to an amazing month with your sons!

Following a day packed with final championships, kluger games and a beautiful banquet, we are happy to welcome our new campers coming from NY early this morning. B”H both buses have arrived safely; and campers were given an early morning breakfast.  Looking forward to another great month IYH!

­­­­­­­Shiur תלמיד השבוע חייל השבוע
Rabbi Amzallag Shmuel Nelkin Moshe Aharon Tessler
Rabbi Chaim Chaim Volfman Arik Lipsker
Rabbi Friedman Ari Raskin Naftali Keller
Rabbi Krinsky Yehudah Rappaport Menachem Brysky
Rabbi Schwey Schneur Geisinsky Avraham Ya’akov Borenstien
Rabbi Cohen Eli Chaim Berkowitz Yosef Cunin
Rabbi Geisinsky Yanky Landaw Yawakov Souson
Rabbi Moshe Gurary Mendel Zuckerman Mendy Bollen
Rabbi Gurkow Tzemach Aharonow M’’M Winner
Rabbi Lavner Zalmy Tiechtel Schneur Zalman Marrus
Rabbi Marasow Chezky WIlshansky Tzvi Hirsh Antal
Rabbi Tiechtel Eli Schwatz Shua Weunch
Rabbi Greenbaum Shraga Kaplan Zushi Rivkin
Rabbi Kremer Sholom Lerman Shlomo Segal
Rabbi Nemanow Gavi Goodman Sholom Srugo
Rabbi Swued Dovid Perlow Schneur Zalman Rivkin
Rabbi Vogel Sholom Ber Vidal Mendel Lang
Rabbi Katzman Shloimy Katz Menachem Engel
Rabbi Oster Shmuly Cohen Levi Spalter
Rabbi Schapiro Dovie Lipsker Kalman Batashvilli
Rabbi Chaikin Avremi Volvovsky Rafi Levin
Rabbi Gerlitzky Mendel Lison Levi Baumgarten


Congratulations to all our winners! These hardworking campers and staff were rewarded with a trip to jet boating,  early this morning. Although the race was tight, one winner was chosen from each division. They will return to camp in time to pack (those leaving) and join us for a mini banquet tonight, as we say goodbye to our first month campers.


Bunks Daled, Zayin, and Tes Zayin.

Rabbi Amzalag, Rabbi Chaim, Rabbi Shmuel Gurary, Rabbi Katzman


Kluger competition winners coming soon….

As we brought in the last Shabbos of the first session, a feeling of mixed emotion was felt, preparing to say good bye to some of our campers. The dining room had a special Chayos, as camp songs were sung, divrei torah were shared and Hachlotas were made. Hard to believe a full month has already been enjoyed!  There was also a larger  amount of Mizhnayos-BalPeh learned on this special shabbos.

Emails have been sent and reminding parents of departure and arrival times for all buses. We will do our best to send updates on the buses as the information comes in.

Departure NY: Monday August 1, 10:00 PM-President & Kingston-bus pass & birth certificate needed (please no packages)
Departure Montreal: Tuesday August 2, 9:00 am (yeshiva) – bus pass needed

Arrival: NY bus: Tuesday August 2, 8:00 PM-President & Kingston
Arrival Montreal bus: Tuesday August 2, 12:00 pm-Yeshiva

11 buses and 2 mini buses pulled into camp late last night returning lots of happy, tired campers and staff after an amazing trip to six-flags La Ronde amusement park. In the words of some of our campers, “it was our best trip ever!” The rides, shows, perfect weather, and just being together with bunk mates in the amazing park, made for a super-grand-trip!

The entire camp met in the parking lot for Mincha an delicious dinner of warm pizza and fries; and then returned to the park to enjoy the lit up rides at night!  As the buses were boarded each camper was given a fresh chocolate doughnut before heading back to camp.

Campers were treated to a late revile this morning to make up for some lost sleep. We are sure to be well rested as we prepare for the last Shabbos of the first session here in Camp Gan Yisroel.

Good Shabbos!